Founded in 2020 as a joint spin off by CQM & Mekorot, CQM WATER is a high-growth disruptive water disinfection solutions company backed by years of technological experience and operational know-how in the water industry.

CQM WATER’s core patented (chemical free, self-cleaning) technology enables on-site generation of a mix of oxidants (mainly hypochlorite) upon demand, eliminating the need for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials such as gas/liquid hypochlorite, cleaning acids and labor-intensive maintenance.

The potential markets for CQM WATER are the industrial, municipal, and agro-industrial markets. Prior to the company’s inception, during 2014 first generation systems successfully passed rigorous pilot validation studies and have already been installed in several water facilities in Israel and abroad.

The company has recently completed a pilot study of sea water desalination and is currently conducting pilot studies in the fields of waste water treatment & reuse. These studies have the potential to dramatically increase our potential business growth and expansion.


CQM WATER was founded in 2020 as a joint venture of Mekorot, the Israeli national water company and CQM Ltd. (an industrial products and services company with over 4000 installations in over 30 countries). Over the past decade, Mekorot has tested, validated and installed several of CQM’s products for drinking water disinfection in various applications. The newly-founded company leans on CQM’s technology and know-how, having installed dozens of OSC systems in different industrial applications all over the world. Mekorot, known for its rigorous validation process, tested the OSC systems developed by CQM Ltd., and compared it with numerous competitors including current market leaders. Several lab & pilot studies were conducted at 3rd parties’ water installations abroad. Several projects were funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority. The advantages of the CQM systems, their flexibility as to feedstock and robustness, impressed Mekorot.

CQM WATER’s focus areas are drinking water, reused water, commercial applications, desalination plants, and ballast water.

CQM WATER’s edge for water disinfection applications:

Our proprietary systems are self-cleaning, thus negating the need for frequent acid rinses, and can operate without soft water brines or brines at all. This feature presents opportunities in locations that are far from operational bases and/or otherwise difficult to reach.

CQM’s innovations are also particularly advantageous in areas where the security of the water is of paramount importance (i.e., strategic infrastructure, army bases, conflict zones, explosives depots, and border locations that can either be difficult to reach because of environmental hostility or dangerous to store chemicals and perform acid rinses).

Lastly, acid rinses require the employment of specialists who are highly trained in the use and storage of hazardous materials (hydrochloric acid). Where such manpower is scarce, CQM water’s ability to operate without the need for acid rinses stands out.


Water access and security are ongoing challenges for national, municipal, and private bodies that deal with the production, treatment, and supply of drinking water. To ensure its microbiological safety (protection against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens), disinfection is used.

Born out of necessity, Mekorot, the Israeli national water company, identified this need within its operational demands and decided to form CQM WATER, a novel company for on-site water disinfection.

CQM WATER uses electro-chlorination technology developed over 25 years by CQM Ltd. to produce a powerful disinfecting cocktail of hypochlorite and other mixed oxidants. The innovative technology developed by CQM incorporates two particularly important steps that have the potential to prove game-changing. Firstly, the CQM process uses a self-cleaning mechanism which scrapes the cathodes of mineral deposits (mostly calcium and magnesium carbonate, deposited by the electrolytic process), thus ensuring uninterrupted performance and longer operational life. Secondly, the ability to operate without brine is fully unique to CQM WATER; moreover, the technology is unavailable to any of its established competitors.

These two innovations, combined with dozens of reference sites built by CQM Ltd. worldwide, positions CQM WATER as a strong contender in the burgeoning Electro-chlorination market.

On site chlorination (OSC) and mixed oxidants are generally higher cost than chlorine-based oxidants, but that conclusion is highly dependent upon other drivers such as location, supply chain costs, and stability, as well as EH&S concerns. In numerous applications, OSC methods provide a better and more sustainable solution than transported chemicals. CQM WATER’s innovation compounds this advantage and opens up additional markets and applications.

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