Budapest Water Works

Budapest, Hungary

Field study employing CQM WATER on-site brine add hypochlorite generation system:
This study was conducted during 2016-18 between CQM, Budapest water works, and InnoWater. The purpose of the project was to explore the innovative potential for smart, on-line, on-demand disinfection utilizing an electro-chlorination system to optimize chlorine usage in the urban water network of Budapest.

An electro-chlorination device capable of producing up to 50g/hour was installed at an old pumping station adjacent to the banks of the Danube. Several experiments were conducted for optimizing the anode type and brine conductivity.

Following the successful outcome of the project, one of CQM WATER’s electro-chlorination devices will be installed at one of Budapest’s network pumping stations.

CQM WATER’s on-site electro-chlorination devices will upgrade liquid chlorine facilities situated in densely-populated zones of the city, thus substantially reducing safety and health hazards.