Mekorot Ein Karem, Israel

Ein Karem, Israel

Mekorot (Israel’s national water company) Jerusalem groundwater facility- CQM WATER on-site, brine-free electro-chlorination replaces liquid hypochlorite facility

Ein Karem 16 Pumping Station supplies approx. 150 cubic meters/hour of groundwater chlorides level – 45 ppm. The station is situated in close proximity to the national zoo parking lot. Following a successful pilot study conducted during 2015, Mekorot upgraded its gas chlorine facility to CQM WATER’s on-site sodium hypochlorite generation equipment.

By shifting to CQM WATER on-site hypochlorite generation technology, Mekorot benefits from several advantages, including:

Complete elimination of the risks associated with transporting & storing gaseous chlorine
Elimination of chemicals from the process (salt, soft water & cleaning acids)
60% reduction of operational costs
Reduction of DBPs.