Successful completion of lab-scale study resulted in purchase of CQM WATER portable electro-chlorinator
Metawater Japan is a global engineering company specializing in the design and construction of equipment for water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and waste treatment facilities; design, manufacture, and sale of various devices; implementation of repair work; and provision of services including operation management.

Water supply in Japan relies on surface water sources (~90%). Due to the presence of organic materials, disinfection of surface water generates some taste and odor issues, as well as substantial levels of DBPs.

A recent lab study that was conducted with the Metawater R&D team demonstrated the efficacy of CQM WATER’s electro-chlorinator in generating stable levels of hypochlorite from surface water samples, with & without added brine.

Following the successful completion of the study, CQM WATER supplied Metawater a portable electro-chlorinator which can be easily transferred to different locations upon demand. The portable device is capable of generating up to 100g/hour of 100% hypochlorite and will be utilized for various applications, such as in small wastewater facilities, as well as for disinfecting source water supply during emergency situations.