Water Services Corporation at Malta


WSC Ta’ Kandja Pumping Station supplies approx. 300 cubic meters/hour of ground water. Following a successful pilot study conducted jointly with Mekorot in 2016, WSC upgraded its gas chlorine facility to CQM WATER’s on-site sodium hypochlorite generation equipment.

The slightly high level of chlorides enables the use of our system for producing hypochlorite directly from the source water, eliminating the labor and costs involved when using standard commercial products. The system produces 150g of pure hypochlorite on average while consuming 1.8 KWH.

By shifting to CQM WATER on-site hypochlorite generation technology, WSC benefits from several advantages, including:

Complete elimination of the risks associated with transporting & storing gaseous chlorine
Elimination of chemicals from the process (salt, soft water & cleaning acids)
Reduction of operational costs
Reduction of DBPs
Improved taste & odor of drinking water
It is estimated that the cost of upgrading the entire ~60 gas hypochlorite facilities to CQM WATER technology will result in a rapid ROI while resolving safety/health issues.