Pardes - Hanna, Israel

Mekorot groundwater facility retrofitting liquid hypochlorite with CQM WATER on-site brine add hypochlorite generation.
Blum Pumping station supplies approx. 450 cubic meters/hour of ground water. Due to its proximity to the regional school, Mekorot engineers decided to eliminate the transportation and storage of liquid hypochlorite by upgrading to on-site chlorine generation. This station is essential for the local water supply system and operates continuously.

Following a successful pilot study conducted in 2020, the CQM WATER & Mekorot team commissioned the new system, which caters to specific technical requirements.

The CQM WATER System is capable of supplying up to 300g of pure hypochlorite 24/7, while the reactor consumes electricity just 40% of the time. This allows substantial reduction of electricity costs. At the same time, due to the fact that hypochlorite is required at all times, a 12-hour supply of fresh hypochlorite (0.3%) is generated and stored in a nearby 1000L container.